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2017 Seed Starting

In my last post I talked about my 2017 seed starting plans.  In my first garden season I started a handful of seeds inside.  I was mildly successful in starting basil, peppers and chives, but I think my timing was a bit late.  I didn’t use any special equipment beyond a little Jiffy Green House and …

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2017 Garden Plans 

Now that my Mel’s Mix is tucked safely into grow bags and out of the beds it’s time to make 2017 garden plans.  This year will be totally different since I have never “container” gardened before.  Really, I am just testing to the waters so I don’t have to give up a growing season.  I …

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The Start of the Garden

The start of the garden came years and years ago in my imagination. Growing up around gardening I still fondly remember my grandparent’s beautiful vegetable garden and my grandma’s overflowing bounty of flowers planted in every available nook. I also vaguely remember my parent’s garden tucked behind the garage of our first house. I always …

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