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Planting Transplants Today


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Planting Transplants


Today was finally the day for planting transplants.  The weather has been shifty to say the least.  There are still a few high 40’s forecasted for lows in the next 10 days.  Really, my poor transplants are looking a bit sad though and I feel like it was better to just do it now and take the risk.  I can always cover the plants, but at least they’ll have a chance to stretch their legs.

This is my maiden voyage for growing tomatoes from seed and using grow bags so it’s all about experimenting now.

My Dark Opal basil fully reverted to green.  I should have started a new seedling when I first noticed, but I was being lazy.  This same thing happened when I planted seeds from this pack before.  Apparently it’s not uncommon for reversion due to instability in breeding.  It still tastes good though so no biggie.  I planted this basil with a little sprinkle of Epsom salt.

Dark Opal Basil

The two tomatoes also went into their bags:

Blue Berries

Blue Berries Transplant

and Dixie Golden:

Dixie Golden Transplant

I stripped the bottom leaves because both plants were fairly leggy, leaving only the top 6 inches or so of growth.  I buried them deeply with 1/2 tbsp azomite and 1/2 tbsp Epsom salt.  Again, experimentation.

Everything was watered in with 1/2 oz. of Mushroom Stuff diluted in approximately 2 gallons of water.  I swear that Mushroom Stuff is amazing garden ju ju even though it costs a fortune.  Five or 6 years ago I started using it when we planted some Japanese lilac trees during a ridiculously hot and dry summer.  I am completely convinced Mushroom Stuff helped save those tree.  Now I use it to water in every single thing I transplant.

Now that I’m done planting transplants the next step will probably be caging the tomatoes.  My old metal pipe and net trellis system wouldn’t be portable so I think I’m going to rig up some bamboo supports and see how things go.