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Garden Update for 4/21 – I spot Sunflowers Coming Up!


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The garden is finally showing some activity and I’ve spotted the sunflowers coming up! I am so excited.


Back on 4/8 I planted the sunflower seeds under soda bottle cloches:
Sunflower seeds planted

And then I waited and waited for the weather to get a little more stable. Okay, so it wasn’t really a long wait, but I was getting impatient. On 4/18 I decided I was done waiting. Too early? Who knows. It’s been unseasonably warm many days lately so I felt like it was worth the gamble. Once I spotted the sunflowers coming up I felt like it was time.

I transplanted the two zinnias I started inside:
Zinnia transplant

I removed the cloches from the sunflower seeds. I’ve yet to thin them, but they are looking fairly hardy so far:
Sunflowers Coming Up

Once my collection of cloches was removed from the sunflowers I used them to cover zinnia seeds.  I have no idea whether the ones started inside or outside will do better, but it’s fun to test it out.

I had chive and Dark Opal basil seeds just hanging out and thought they might look pretty mixed in with the flowers so I planted the corners with these.  We’ll see how it works out.

Grow bags in action

Next I moved onto the grow bags.  I planted three kinds of radishes: Watermelon, Sparkler and Icicle.  And two kinds of lettuce: Bibb and Black Seeded Simpson.

Early seeds

I noticed one of my bags had perfectly centered dill volunteers popping up so I am just going to leave that bag be and go with it.  It couldn’t look nicer if I tended it myself, though I have no idea how it ended up there.

Dill sprout

To wrap things up I labeled my bags with my salvaged spoon garden markers:

Garden markers

The next step will probably be moving my tomato plants outside.  I’ve been working on hardening them off and  frankly they look a bit sickly, but I am going to hold out hope I can nurse them along a week or so more and get them planted out.