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I’m Ali of Grow and Grow in MO. I’ve discovered a love of gardening in the Kansas City metro (zone 6A) and want to share my garden adventures with you.

While I grew up around gardening and have always felt a strong desire to take part, I am still a garden novice.  I started my own raised bed garden using the Square Foot method in the spring of 2015 and have’t looked back.

I strive to garden using organic methods whenever possible.  I only use products with OMRI certification.  While this may not be a necessity it makes me feel better about the food that comes out of the garden.

I have discovered there doesn’t seem to be any one right way to garden.  What works for one person in one place may be a total failure for someone else.  With that in mind I have committed to experimenting with what works for me.  I also try to never take anything too seriously.  If horn worms eat all your tomatoes you squash those babies and try again.

Thanks for stopping by!