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2017 Garden Plans 


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2017 Garden Plans


Now that my Mel’s Mix is tucked safely into grow bags and out of the beds it’s time to make 2017 garden plans.  This year will be totally different since I have never “container” gardened before.  Really, I am just testing to the waters so I don’t have to give up a growing season.  I figure when we move I can pack up my bags and whatever is growing and haul them to the next place.

Since it’s an experimental season I am going to try to be (mostly) frugal and use up seeds I have saved/collected over the last two seasons.  Mostly.

In addition to testing out grow bags I’ve decided to replant the raised beds with flowers.  I haven’t done many flowers and none from seed, but really wanted to try zinnias this year so it seems like the perfect time to try it out.  It will add a little sparkle to the garden, give me a chance to test growing flowers and leave something pretty for the next owners.

2017 Garden Plans

The Seeds – Direct Sow for Grow Bags

Bouquet Dill
Watermelon Radish
Sparkler Radish
White Icicle Radish
Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce
Bibb Lettuce

The Seeds – Direct Sow in Ground

Cut and Come Again Mix Zinnias
Mammoth Sunflower
Carnivale di Venzia Mix Morning Glory

The Seeds – Started Inside

Dark Opal Basil
Dixie Golden Tomato
Blue Berries (cherry) Tomato
Cut and Come Again Mix Zinnias (early test)

I already started my little seeds on February 28th.  I was trying to wait until March 1st, but couldn’t stand it.  I am concerned that with the weirdly warn weather I already may be a bit behind.  I have been planting around the first week of May, so that should give me a normal window to get these guys growing, but if it continues to be super warm I may have a chance to put things into the bags earlier.  We’ll just have to see what the weather does.

The Decorative Stuff

I’m still working on our decorative line up. So far I’m planning on two large pots for the front of the house and possibly a pot for our front walk. I was keen on doing the morning glories for our new deck box, but  I’m afraid they won’t bloom early enough to serve our purposes there so I still need to find something to go there as well.  Calibrachoa has been a huge success in planters for me the past two years, as has coleus, so I’ll probably lean towards that route in the front.

Carnivale di Venzia Mix morning glory seeds will be sown on a corner/fence location.  Since the seeds aren’t going in the deck box I figured they might as well be used somewhere.  Last year I grew canna lilies in this spot and while they were pretty awesome, I failed to pull them up before winter.  Though the winter was pretty mild I am doubtful of their return.  I’m still going to cut them back and hope, but the morning glories will go in either way.

The Beds

2017 Garden Plans

All three of the beds will house flowers in the same layout.  Hubby picked Mammoth sunflowers so these will be the focus of each bed.  I am really curious to see if these things reach 12 feet like the package says.  If they do I we are going to have quite the little forest.

I’m feeling pretty good about my 2017 garden plans so far.  Of course, everything is subject to change based on weather, germination or if I see something at the garden center I just can’t resist.  


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