Hello New Garden!

After tons of time spent moving and setting up our new house, saying goodbye to our old garden and planning out the new one, I’m finally ready for spring to get here. Hello New Garden!  Here are my plans for 2018 so far: And: I know, it’s huge.  It’s like 6 times bigger than our …

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Planting Transplants Today

Planting Transplants

Today was finally the day for planting transplants.  The weather has been shifty to say the least.  There are still a few high 40’s forecasted for lows in the next 10 days.  Really, my poor transplants are looking a bit sad though and I feel like it was better to just do it now and …

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Landscape Fabric Sucks

Empty Bed

I think landscape fabric sucks.  I didn’t realize this until recently though. Whether you call it weed cloth, landscape fabric or geotextile I am pretty sure it’s all terrible.   From rock beds to my beloved raised beds, I’m done with it.  I didn’t fully appreciate how much it can suck until a few weeks ago.  I …

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2017 Seed Starting

Seedlings in Solo Cups

In my last post I talked about my 2017 seed starting plans.  In my first garden season I started a handful of seeds inside.  I was mildly successful in starting basil, peppers and chives, but I think my timing was a bit late.  I didn’t use any special equipment beyond a little Jiffy Green House and …

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